"Hello, this is 'Awesome In A Trench Coat', we cannot answer the phone right now, but if you leave a message one of us are bound to get back to you!.....Unless you're either Crowley, Moriarty, or The Master, then we will not call you back, goodbye!"   "Hello, my name is Castiel angel of the lord." "Hell-ooo." "JAAAACK!" "What I'm just saying hello!" "To an angel, really Jack?" "Doctor I do not understand why Jack is not allowed to say hello?" "It's a long story Cas." "For god's sake, can we not finish the introductions, this is begining to get rather dull." "Oh, yes, of course Sherlock!"

"Ello, I'm the Doctor!"

"Cap'tan Jack Harkness, immortal man, at your service!"

"Sherlock Holmes."

"And were Awesome In A Trench Coat!"

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Species: Time Lord
Bestfriend: Jack Harkness
Roommate: Thor
First Kiss: Ten
Boyfriend: Loki
Your Murderer: Sherlock Holmes

Species: Demi God

Bestfriend: Dean Winchester

Roommate: John Watson

First Kiss: John Watson

Boyfriend: Tony Stark

Your Murderer: Ninth Doctor.

Species: demi god
 best friend: eleven
 room mate: ten
first kiss: thor
boyfriend: loki
murderer: jack harkness


species: time lord

best friend: ten

room mate: ten

first kiss: ten

boyfriend: ten

murderer: ten


these things always spaz out for me

once i got ms hudson for all of them aswell…

Species: Trickster

Best Friend: Dean Winchester

Roommate: Hawkeye

First Kiss: Gabriel

Boyfriend: Jim Moriarty

Your Murderer: The Master

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Just practicing my GIFing with some crossovers.

Crossover AU: The Doctor intends to take the Ponds, Winchesters, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson on a trip to a vacation planet. However, the TARDIS malfunctions and lands straight in the middle of a suspicious looking, yet completely empty facility on another planet.

As they look for a way out, they soon realize that someone else is here with them, just as lost.

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Superwholock ➞➤ The Leviathan possess Cas after Jim’s meddling. The Leviathan remember the Doctor after being alive for nearly an eternity and are sworn enemies.

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My friend and I were talking about Superwholock and we gave birth to this.



My friend and I were talking about Superwholock and we gave birth to this.

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First click and drag game thingy ever. Hope you enjoy. Beware of seizures.

Did everything from scratch except for the photos. They belong to the respective owners.

Have fun? :) *Yes, I know I spelled profession wrong. Typos happen*

Friend: Cas

First Kiss: 11th Doctor

Living with: Rory

In a relationship with: Sherlock

My profession: Time Travler

Killed by: Lestrade

Okay, I can live with this! ^_^

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